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I'm “Biol”“logy” teacher at MRSM Beseri...hehehehe!..i quite garang masa ngajar..but I’m good teacher. ..tanya my students!! 17 Jun 2016 anniversary jadi cikgu ..heppy 14 years for being a good teacher! Not talk too much but..ada ramai kawan2!..I'm a “mithali” isteri to AMIZAL insyaAllah.. and a loving+caring mother to AMMAR BADLISYAH ,amp; ALIFF ISKANDAR..& ALEESYA HANA...so far, i'm just living my life with a big smile.  ! i have a lovin' husband , 2 sons & sorang anak dara comel who loves me just as much… Stay kat Kangar Perlis..walaupun I’m JOHORIAN …hubby da beli rumah for our fmly…heppi sangat.. Alhamdulilah .Thanks Abg.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Let go of old grudges....make room in your heart for more positive forces in life

The old grudges you've been carrying around for so long -- aren't they getting to be heavy? It is more than okay to let go -- IT'S NECESSARY!!!!. Are you keeping this event or person in your emotional bank account in the hopes that some day you can cash it in for a sense of revenge? That is no reason to take up valuable space in your heart. Get rid of the bad energy or memories by turning toward the future, not looking back. MAKE ROOM IN YOUR HEART FOR NEW, POSITIVE FORCES.

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